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Apple’s iOS 14 Update Brings Customization to App Icons - Cultive Creative

Apple’s iOS 14 Update Brings Customization to App Icons

iPhone Aesthetic is Finally Here with iOS 14’s Customization of App Icons


Apple’s iOS 14 update gives us something we typically don’t see much of from the tech giant: customization. The new update allows you to personalize your user interface, including the ability to change the way your app icons look to create a home screen completely unique to you. 

Yes, that’s right. You can have a stunning, harmonious, and organized iPhone aesthetic. The days of personalized ringtones might be over, but this latest feature has people swooning. You must be wondering - how does it work?


How to Customize Your App Icons

Here is how to swap out the default app icons to custom ones on your Apple device.

  1. Make sure your device has been upgraded to iOS 14.
  2. Open the Shortcuts App on your iPhone, which is pre-installed on Apple devices. 
  3. Tap the ➕ icon in the top right corner. 
  4. Select Add Action.
  5. In the search bar, type Open App and select the Open App app.
  6. Tap Choose and select the app you want to customize. For example, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. 
  7. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner. Give the shortcut a name and tap Add to Home Screen.
  8. Click on the icon box in the section labeled Home Screen Name and Icon.
  9. Select Choose Photo and tap on the desired image you want to use for the app icon. 
  10. Tap Choose, then Add
  11. Repeat for any other app icons you want to personalize. 

Check out iOS 14 step by step instructions here.

Where Can I Find Custom App Icon Images?

As great as this new update is, if you really think about it, customizing all of those app icons by yourself could take a lot of work. You would have to individually source the images you want for each app, images for any widgets on your homescreen, and then find a wallpaper that hopefully matches all of those designs and brings everything together for a cohesive iPhone aesthetic. 

Here at Cultive Creative, we have been working diligently to take the hard work off of your hands and make finding custom app icon images a breeze, so that you just get to do the fun part. Our newly launched custom iOS 14 Homepage App Icons give you everything you need to fully enjoy the new update and transform your iPhone home screen into something truly unique. With several themes to choose from, each icon package comes with:

  • Hundreds of custom app icons to choose from 
  • 6 custom widget icons
  • 3 wallpaper designs that will help tie everything together

Check out our iOS 14 Homepage App Icon themes here to start customizing your home screen!

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