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How to Monetize Your Passion (with examples!) - Cultive Creative

How to Monetize Your Passion (with examples!)

Have you ever wanted to ditch your current job and start your ideal business? One where you decide the hours and you love what you do so much that you never work a day in your life??

Well, it is possible. People actually do it every day and you can do it too. But sometimes trying to figure out what that passion is and how to create a profitable business is the hardest barrier to cross. 

Below are just a couple of ideas or popular passions that can become a full time career plus a few steps to brainstorm your own passion turned business success story.



Women working on laptop at desk


One that has probably already crossed your mind but still a good one with near to no start-up fees and can become very profitable. 

One person who found great success blogging is Michelle of Making Sense of Sense. She has plenty of income reports on her blog sharing that she makes over $100,00 per month! On her blog, she shows her passion for sharing about personal finance with others and it truly shows.

Carly of Mommy on Purpose is another great example. While she hasn’t shared an income report with her exact income in years, she does share in this post that her blog “made over $10,000 basically all on it’s own” while she was in the hospital for appendicitis and didn’t work on it for a month. She blogs all about being a mom and everything that goes along with it like pregnancy and parenting.

One of the great things about blogging is you don’t necessarily have to have a passion for writing itself in order to be a successful blogger. You can blog about any topic that you’re passionate about and monetize your passion in that way.

Ways to make money blogging

  • Affiliate products - You get a cut when you promote something and a person buys from your link
  • Google Ads: You allow google ads on your site
  • Paid to promote a certain product- you can also get a lot of products for free



        Picture on boat in the sea


        These teachers turned photographers have found great success following their passion. Amy and Jordan were teaching elementary school by day, they found a love for photography and found themselves working as aspiring photographers by night. Eventually, they were able to quit their jobs as teachers even went on to make six figures their first year as full-time photographers. They now help other aspiring photographers grow their businesses so that they can follow their passions as well. 

        Ways to make money as a photographer

        • Photography shoots
        • Sell stock images
        • Sell Lightroom Presets
        • Events 





            Young boy holding dog with bowtie


            If you love animals then you there are so many different ways of making money while being around animals. 

            Even just pet-sitting can generate some great cash. It’s something that can definitely be a great side income and even develop into a full-time income once you build up a clientele.

            With pet sitting apps like Rover and Wag. Depending on your location and your availability, you can earn anywhere from an average of $20 per visit or even $50 and up for overnight pet and house sitting gigs when people go out of town. It could take some time, but once you get some clients and they know that they can trust you it could be very lucrative.

            Ways to make money with Pets

            • Create a dog toy, beds line
            • Dog Trainer
            • Groomer
            • Dog party planner
            • Service dog trainer
            • Bake homemade dog treats
            • DIY Dog Clothes



              Woman writing at desk


              Coaching courses have exploded online lately. For business, wellness, confidence, branding the list goes on. 

              If you love to help others and have valuable information to share. Coaching could be the right thing for you. 

              A legend in the industry is Marie Forleo. She like many others was struggling to find her passion in life and hopping from job to job never feeling fulfilled. She saw the job for coaching one day and new this is what she was meant to to. She has since created a hugely successful B-School that teaches people online marketing strategies to business owners. She has her award show MarieTV and has written a #1 New York Times bestselling book. 

              Coaching can be a great career because you can pair it with almost any passion you have.


              There are many ways to make money from being a coach

              • Selling courses
              • One on one coaching
              • Affiliate links
              • Books and E-books 



                Waffles plated


                Food the most delicious thing on the planet. Working with food or around food. There are many ways to get into the business and start making some money. 

                Chef Roy Choi launched a Mexican Korean fusion food truck in LA. What started as one food truck turned into several plus a full catering operation, a bar, Taqueria and a rice bowl counter shop.

                He’s now starring in the popular Netflix TV show Chef with Writer, director and food enthusiast Jon Favreau.

                Another great success story is delicious Ella, she started a simple clean eating personal blog has now evolved into an app, deli, collection of recipe books, series of podcasts, a range of plant-based food products and a growing social media community She was also on the Netflix TV show ‘Down to Earth’ with Zac Efron. 


                If your passion is food, get creative here are some ideas

                • DIY Sauces
                • Food Blogger
                • Sell e-book recipes
                • Food Stylist
                • Urban Farmer
                • Cooking instructor
                • At home chef for special occasions 





                    Beautiful beach coast


                    Do you love your city or town? Is there a great experience you could share with others?

                    Tourism generates a large amount of money. Is there a great experience or adventure that you can create and take people on. Especially is you speak multiple languages fluently. 

                    Creating your own experience can be very simple now thanks to sites such as Airbnb experiences and XXX 

                    A great example of people that loved their city and wanted to show off the best parts of it is a group called tourist Scavenger hunt in San Fransisco. You go from clue to clue seeing great parts of the city you usually wouldn’t see. 

                    Experience ideas

                    • Cooking classes
                    • Pub crawls
                    • History tours
                    • Surf lessons
                    • Escape rooms
                    • Drink and draw
                    • Petting zoo

                      Steps to identify your passions & monetize it


                      Step 1:

                      Whip out your favourite writing device and take a stroll through memory lane. Write down everything you loved as a child. This will show your true passions before real-life pressure got in the way. Think about what you loved long before you had to worry about your career. Writing? Art? Adventure? 


                      Step 2:

                      Next, pretend money isn’t an issue and write down the biggest, boldest things you can think of.

                      Mix passions together, make up new things write down every thought that comes to your head.

                      Step 3:

                      Once you have an idea that lights a fire inside you, start researching. Then do some more research and than a little more.

                      Figure out what the start-up costs would be, how much money you could expect to make etc. 

                      Step 4:

                      Next, is chat to a friend about your ideas and get some feedback. Be careful of the friend you choose for this. You need someone positive but someones that's also willing to be truthful.

                      Remember you can monetize pretty much any passion if you get creative, so take some time to really think and don’t worry about it even if some of the ideas seem silly.

                      Step 5:

                      Then put your plan into action. Set yourself goals, timelines and shares your plan with people.  


                      Being able to bring in an income doing something you love is so rewarding. Creating a business that’s framed about what you truly care about will not only make you happier, but it can help you stand out when others can see how passionate you are about your business.

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