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Frequently Asked Questions

Cultive creates pre-made brand collections for businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. We offer the following product in complete packs: Lightroom Presets, Instagram Highlight Covers, Social Canva Story Templates, Social Canva Feed Templates, Social Media Content, Premade Logos, Social Media Banners, EBooks. All Cultive Creative products are as simple to use, accessible and flexible as possible to suit all customer needs. By buying Cultive Creative products you reduce the amount of time and upskilling necessary to produce high-quality branding and marketing.

With Cultive Creative, you can make beautiful stylish and effective marketing material for your project or business. Cultive Creative uses the design platform Canva to create collections of branded marketing materials that can be personalized in minutes. All templates and products are sold separately so you don’t have to pay for anything that you don’t need.

You do not own the copyright to the product, and others may purchase the same item(s).

Here at Cultive Creative, we highly value the privacy and security of all our users. We will never publicly share any information we get from you nor force you to publicly share your designs. You can head over to our page about our Privacy Policy to learn more about this.

You can use the search bar at the top of cultivecreative.com to look for items or shops. Cultive Creative was designed as full package branding solutions that can be purchased separately. This allows people to only buy what they need. Simply choose the ‘brand’ that you want and then purchase the products that you need for your business.

Your files will be available to download once payment is confirmed. You will receive a digital download sheet with the links to the product & instructions on how to use it.

To leave a review: 1. Select the product you would like to leave a review with 2. Scroll down to ‘Customer Reviews’ 3. Enter your name, star rating and review 4. Select ‘Submit Review’.

You can reach us messaging the live chat at the bottom of the page or via email at hello@cultivecreative.com Please describe your issue with as much detail as you can so we can answer your questions as soon as possible. Please note our Customer Support hours are Monday - Friday, 9-5pm (AEST)

If you think you're seeing a bug, please email us at hello@cultivecreative.com with: 1. A clear description of the issue you're experiencing, including steps you've taken to reproduce the issue. 2. The link to the specific page on the site where the issue is occurring. 3. The type of browser you're using (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc). If you're using a mobile device, please specify which mobile device and browser you're using (e.g. Chrome on iPhone 8). 4. Any screenshots of the error message (if applicable) or even a screencast, if the issue can't be captured by a single image.

No, as this is a digital item the products can not be returned.

Yes, you can checkout as a guest. Account creation is optional. However it is beneficial to create an account so you can re-download the assets later if you would like to.

Yes. If you have a Cultive Creative account, after your purchase you’ll see a 'View your files' link which goes to the Downloads page. Here you can download all the files associated with your previous orders. Downloads are available once your payment is confirmed. If you paid with PayPal or a credit card, confirmation might take a few minutes. We’ll also send you a download notification email separate from any transaction notification emails you receive.

We don’t currently do custom order. If there is a product of branding collection you would like to see on Cultive Creative please let us know.

We are always happy to help you templates and design decisions but we don’t currently personalise the templates for customers.

Cultive Creative offers a range of payment options including PayPal, Master Card, Visa, Amex, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Our secure payment system ensures your payments and payment information are secure and safe at all times.

In the Checkout, select PayPal as your payment option and click Complete Order. You will be directed to PayPal. Sign in and follow the steps in PayPal to confirm your payment method and order details. If you have trouble with paying with PayPal, reach out to PayPal support, or select a different payment method (if available).

Many US states recently enacted laws that require online marketplaces like Cultive Creative to collect sales tax on eligible purchases. Purchases that require us to charge sales tax differ between states. We’re required to charge sales tax if the state you’re in mandates it, often no matter where the seller is located.

To remove an item from your shopping cart: 1. On cultivecreative.com, click the shopping bag icon on the top right corner. 2. Click the small cross next to the product.

No, we don’t currently sell gift cards, but it is something we are working on for the future.

You can choose the currency in which you view items on the site. On the top right hand corner of the site. Select which currency you would like the store prices displayed in and the currency you would like to check out in. The currency’s currently available at cultivecreative.com are USD, AUD, NZD, GBP, EUR, CAD

If you are having a problem with a product contact customer support at hello@cultivecreative.com

Due to the digital nature of this product, no exchanges or refunds will be made. For any questions or editing help please contact us at hello@cultivecreative.com

No, it is strictly forbidden to sell, distribute, rent, give or sub-license any products purchased from cultivecreative.com. Derivative works are also prohibited. Any action such action will be addressed with legal action.

Canva is an amazingly easy to use graphics design platform that allows users to create visual content including Social Media templates, Flyers and much more. It is available on desktop and with the Canva mobile app. Canva currently has a free and paid subscription model.

Canva has a free and a premium (paid) plan. Our templates have been created to work perfectly with the free plan on Canva

1. Visit www.canva.com. 2. Choose from the options to sign up with Facebook, Google or your email. 3. Authorize access for Facebook or Google. If you choose to use your email, simply fill out the form with the necessary details. 4. Click Sign up.

Canva is very simple to use. You can learn how to use Canva at the Canva Design School. https://designschool.canva.com/tutorials/

iOS app: • OS version should be iOS 10 or higher. • Minimum of 150MB free memory space. • Stable internet connection. Android app: • Ensure that your phone’s OS version is Android 4.1 (Jellybean) or higher. • Stable internet connection.

Yes, with the exception of the Instagram Puzzle Template.The Canva app doesn't currently have the capability to deal with such large Canva Files. All other Canva Templates will work on the Canva mobile app.

This template is edited with the free design platform Canva. You will need a www.canva.com account to edit this template. If you don’t currently have a canva account. You will need to register for one before downloading this template pack. After clicking on the link canva will open in a new tab. Select ‘Use Template’ to access your template, and this will automatically save this template in your canva account. You can now edit your templates.

Yes, you can edit the font, colours & text.

To change the colour of a design element or background: 1. Select the element. 2. Select the colour swatch on the top left hand corner. 3. Change the colour to whatever you desire.

To add your own images and/or logo: 1. Click on the Uploads tab from the side panel. 2. Click on the green Upload an image button. 3. Select the file you wish to upload.

1. Select the text box. 2. Click on the font drop down menu in the editor toolbar. 3. Browse through the font selections or search for a font name. 4. Click on the font you wish to use. The new font will be automatically applied to the text box. 5. If you’d like to apply different font styles to different words, you can create. 6. Separate text boxes and line them up accordingly.

1. In the top right corner select ‘Export’. A dropdown will appear. 2. Select ‘Download’. 3. Change the file type to JPG (PNG. is too large). 4. Select the edited page you want to download in ‘Select Pages’. 5. Select ‘Download’

1. Close the app (kill the app) and restart. 2. Log out of the app then log back in. 3. Close extra apps that you're not using at the moment. 4. Switch from mobile data to WiFi. 5. Clear Data by going to Settings - Apps & notifications - App Info - Canva - Storage - Clear Data. Try again. 6. Uninstall and reinstall the Canva Android app from the Google Play or Apple App Store to refresh the system.

While rare, sometimes Canva experiences some issues. To check if Canva is experiencing any issues in your region, please visit the Canva Status page, here: https://status.canva.com/

No, the Collage can not be edited on the app. Due to file size, the template will not work in the Canva mobile app.

A Lightroom Preset is a predetermined position of the settings in Lightroom (they are pre-set) In other words, you can edit a photo to your liking, and then save that exact combination of slider positions for future use on another image.

Please feel free to send me some of your photos and the preset pack you're interested in for me to test out and send you. Always happy to chat with you about your desired outcome and make recommendations.

The download links will be available after purchase. You will receive a digital download sheet on the post purchase page plus you will receive an email with the digital download sheets. Click "Download Template' to download.

If you download your files as a zip file you can unzip your file on your mobile device using WinZip App or Unzip App.

Please recognize that presets are not a "fix all" for editing images. Based on your personal shooting style, these presets may or may not fit your needs. We try to make our preset packs as versatile as possible. They may need some additional adjustments to suit your needs and goals for your images.

Yes, you can on the Lightroom Mobile app.

1. Open Lightroom and click on the presets. 2. Click the 3 dots (...) on the top of the right-hand corner. 3. Ensure 'Show Partially Compatible Presets' has a tick next to it or is highlighted blue. 4. If your presets still aren't appearing. Try and to install again. Make sure you are saving the presets each time and take note of the folder they are going in to. If you are still having trouble send us an email at Hello@cultivecreative.com and we will help you.

We recommend using the site PostCron 1. Select 'Upload image' & upload your design. 2. Leave the columns at 3 and change the rows to 6. 3. Expand the selected area over the entire image 4. Select ‘Split image’. 5. The file will be saved as a Zip file 6. Unzip and upload to your mobile. Image Splitter numbers the images for you. Post each photo in order from least to greatest, as shown on the image (first 1, then 2 etc).

1. Open the Canva file and make any edits you want to the Highlight Covers 2. Download to your phones photo album 3. Open your Instagram app 4. Go to your profile 5. Tap + hold your finger on the highlight story cover you want to edit 6. Select “Edit Highlight” 7. Select “Edit cover” 8. Tap on the Photo Album symbol on the left. 9. Select a cover from your camera roll.

Please try the following:
1) Close the app (kill the app) and restart
2) Log out of the app then log back in.
3) Close extra apps that you're not using at the moment.
4) Switch from mobile data to WiFi.
5) Clear Data by going to Settings - Apps & notifications - App Info - Canva - Storage - Clear Data. Try again.
6) Uninstall and reinstall the Canva Android app from the Google Play store to refresh the system.

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